What to Wear this Holi

March 1, 2018


Holi is just around the corner and so is the need to dress up right for this festival. Unlike other Indian festivals, Holi fashion demands a twist. There is no way you are wearing things you wear for other traditional Indian festivals. Here, you need to go out and get all messy with colours and water and yet look your stylish best! Sounds difficult? Not really! There are a lot of ways in which you can style up for Holi and yet keep yourself in a comfortable yet safe spot when it comes to your ease and your safety in terms of protecting your skin and hair from the harsh colours and chemicals. So, make sure you look good and feel good at the same time this Holi!

We have listed some of the best fashion hacks to do this Holi so you can enjoy as much as you can while looking perfect! Go ahead, have a look at our list of ‘what to wear this Holi party’ tips right here:


1) Cotton Kurtas and Shirts


There is no other fabric better than cotton to wear for Holi! For men and women both, this fabric is the best when you want to go out play in water and colours and still feel pretty comfortable. Also, women should style a great white kurta with printed dupattas to steal the look! Men can go with a white shirt or a kurta to compliment the ladies!


 2) Caps and Bandanas


Take your friends and family by surprise by complimenting the best headgear with your attire this Holi. By doing this, you add style to your outfit and you save your hair from any damage too! So, throw on a stylish cap or a great printed bandana to look like the most stylish person at your Holi party!


 3) Sunglasses


There are no taking away sunglasses from the perfect outfit! They fit just right anywhere and everywhere and only add that extra glamour to your attire when paired with the right combination of clothes and hair. Throw on the most awesome sunnies you have and look like a star at that party! Go for the classic aviators and steal the best look of the party title right then and there! Wearing sunglasses also makes sure your eyes are protected from the heat and the harsh colours on this day. So it is a total win-win situation!



4) Flip-flops


Holi is probably the only day you can show off your flip-flops in public and how! Pick a pair of amazing yet comfortable flip-flops and style them with your clothes to match and complete your perfect Holi outfit! 


5) Denim Shorts



If you are not going the traditional way, denim shorts are easily the next favourite thing you need to grab to flaunt at your Holi party. Team them up with a nice white top or a t-shirt and complete that look with perfect bandana and flip-flops! There, you are absolutely ready with your modern Holi attire!



We hope with these simple yet useful tips on what to wear this Holi, you are pretty much ready to rock that Holi party!











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