Thank U, Next: 5 Trends We're Dumping in 2019

December 24, 2018



If there's anything Ariana Grande has taught us in the past few weeks, it's the refined art of moving on. But really, it's more than that—it's learning how to move on gracefully, appreciating all that you've learned from the past. While the pop star was clearly singing about her past relationships in her new song "Thank U, Next," we're here today to also discuss our past relationships… but with clothes.



As we look back on the last year, we know there are a few trends we should dump come 2019. They taught us love, they taught us patience, they might have even taught us pain, and it is with a full heart that we say "thank u, next" to the trends ahead as we prepare for our blooming relationships with all the trends 2019 has to offer. Consider the below our unofficial fashion burn book.





"We don't hate them, but we just never got into the belt bag thing. We wouldn't mind investing in a subtle logo bag in 2019, though, and I'm predicting this new Chloé style will be highly coveted."





"Oversized bomber jackets are going straight into our burn book, and we plan to replace the look with something a bit more polished, like the below leather trench coat."





"PVC bags never made it into my closet this year. I'm not against them per se, but it seems like a lot of pressure to so closely curate the contents, which end up being on display to the world. The bag that's topping my wish list for 2019? This beauty from Prada."




I think that tropical prints will definitely trickle their way into spring 2019, but for me personally, I want to step out of my comfort zone and wear tie-dye in place of the floral print as much as possible. Since the "California cool" trend is going to have a major moment, I feel like tie-dye will really help me lean in.




"As much as I wore and loved my seashell jewellery this past summer, it'll be the first thing to get nixed from my closet in 2019. Sure, my earrings and I had a good run, but after I traded in my warm-weather wardrobe, all the excitement I held for them was lost on me. Instead, I'm setting my sights on more timeless (but no less novel) baroque pearl jewellery."




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