Colour of the season

February 2, 2018


“A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”is how Pantone describes the colour of the year.

It’s a shade that has been associated with enigmas of the world. It denotes a world that is yet to be discovered with endless possibilities and rightly so! In mass culture, it is often denoted as the color of an awakened consciousness. The one that is in touch with its artistic, spiritual and experimental side.

It induces a child – like curiosity to explore beyond the obvious. To gnaw at the realms of this universe, to deep dive further into the galaxy and lastly to be bewitched with the power of the cosmos.

Here’s some sartorial inspiration coming your way.

Avant – Garde
While working this shade in your outfit, don’t forget to add a little whimsy to it. The colour denotes imagination. Play with textures and contrasts. Inject your own personality in it. You love grunge? Use it to accessories to uplift the outfit. Just keep the kid alive.



If minimal is more your style; play with different cuts and textures of the same color. Use tone on tone pairing with similar colors from the palette to create one solid stunning outfit! 



And lastly, here’s some celebrity styling your way. The color in itself is enough to make a grand entrance! We suggest going easy on the accessories and let the color and your brilliance take the center stage. 



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