February 1, 2018

Well little can be said when it comes to Indian politicians and fashion. They are extreme opposites of a pole and in most cases very well so. However, unknowingly some of the Indian politicians have helped popularise certain trends throughout history.


Nehru Jacket: Well the name says it all doesn’t it! A trend synonymous with this name. Nehru jacket is by way the most popular trend started by a politician that has stood the test of time.

              Jawaharlal Nehru was India’s first political style icon



Kurta and Jacket Combo: He may not be the brightest bulb, but Rahul Gandhi did set the stage for the Kurta and jacket combo. In his bid to please the Indian audience, he set the stage well for ethnic layering.


                   Rahul Gandhi’s modern take on political dressing 


Suit UpWe won’t go as far out to say that he started the trend, but before Omar Abdullah suiting up in Indian Parliament was less heard of. He literally took power dressing to the power house of Indian politics.


            Omar Abdullah is the darling of Indian style magazines




Salt & Pepper: Who better to start the trend than the first prime minister of India. Indira Gandhi was the pioneer of the salt and pepper trend in India. Who can forget the signature hair- do?


      Indira Gandhi’s salt & pepper hair became her signature look


Handloom Sarees: Gandhi women, have been trendsetters in their own right. Priyanka, Sonia and Meneka all have embraced the handloom saree trend and how. They made the humble garment a style –statement with a purpose.



Gandhi Topi: Gandhi’s contribution to the Indian politics is undeniable and so is his contribution to the Swadeshi moment and a brilliant souvenir we are left with is the Gandhi Topi. Nothing more Indian and home-grown as this humble style statement.



 Although named after Mahatma Gandhi, it was Nehru who made the Gandhi topi a style statement






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