January Beauty Favorites

January 20, 2018

My two favourite additions to my evening beauty routine is the M61-Power Glow Peel and the REN Wake Wonderful Night Facial. I would definitely recommend adding these to your beauty routine. 


1) M-61 Power Glow Peel. This 1-minute 1-step exfoliating peel resurfaces, clarifies, and helps firm the skin for a radiant and renewed glow. 


2) REN Wake Wonderful Night Facial This leave-on mask exfoliates, energises and plumps the skin overnight. It repairs uneven texture, encourages cell turns over and reduces pigmentation. 



3) Moroccan Oil  I have been using this argan oil for a very long time and I typically use it 3x a week after washing and conditioning my hair. It's a great detangler and nourishes the hair. Growing up my mom used to apply coconut oil to my hair every Sunday and even though I don't do that anymore and never liked it I still think applying some kind of oil is essential for restoring shine and increasing hair elasticity.  


4) Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector this corrector neutralises discoloration and layers perfectly under my concealer. I use dark peach and what I love most is that this product doesn't crease, blends well, and has a nice smooth coverage. But the key with this product is that it really can't be used alone-you have to apply a concealer on top of it. This product is best used as a first step to correct and cover the discoloration under the eye area. 


Definitely give them a try! 

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